Terms and Conditions

Small Breeds Expo– Ground Space – Terms and Conditions

  1. In these terms and conditions, ‘SBE’ means Ausline Cattle Assoc Inc and the ‘Exhibitor’ means the persons identified in SBE Exhibitor Site Booking form.
  2. A contract between SBE and Exhibitor on these terms and conditions is formed when SBE receives payment from Exhibitor of the first fee installment. These terms and conditions supersede all prior representations and agreements between SBE and the Exhibitor concerning the Small Breeds Expo event and may be amended only in writing signed by SBE.
  3. Should this contract be cancelled prior to the 2013 Small Breeds Expo the 50% deposit will be retained by SBE for administration expenses.
  4. Exhibitors who have not paid for their site in full by the 13th October 2013 (unless prior arrangements have been made with the Committee) will not be allowed to set up on the Small Breeds Expo site.
  5. Exhibitors shall not go into possession of the site until Saturday 2nd November July 2013, unless previously arranged with the SBE Committee.
  6. The Exhibitor shall complete all work to be done in conjunction with the erection, preparation and presentation of the exhibit hereby authorized by 9am on Saturday 2nd November 2013.
  7. Displays, marquees, stalls or fixtures must not be dismantled or goods or materials removed before 3.00pm on Saturday 2nd November 2013, but all goods and materials are to be removed and the area completely vacated not later than 5.30pm on Saturday 2nd November 2013. A cleaning fee will be charged should rubbish be left on an Exhibitor’s site.
  8. NO SUB-LETTING will be permitted without the prior written consent of the SBE Committee. Any consent given will be on condition that the Exhibitor as sublessor continues to be bound by these terms and conditions, and that the sublessee agrees to enter into a form of contract in identical form to this contract.
  9. Gambling, disposing of any article by lot or chance is strictly prohibited
  10. The leasee must confine his/her business to the purpose described herein. No selling, canvassing, hawking or distribution of printed or other matter will be permitted outside the Exhibitor’s contracted site area.
  11. The SBE Committee shall have the power to enter upon the area described and remove any article, sign, picture or printed matter, which, in their opinion may be a cause of offence to the public.
  12. Under no circumstances may an Exhibitor excavate or dig in his/her site area without first obtaining authority from the SBE Committee.
  13. The SBE Committee rents the space and buildings thereon in their present condition. Subject to clause 16, all subsequent plumbing, carpentry, phone connections, lighting and electrical requirements will be the responsibility of the Exhibitor.
  14. Power consumed by the Exhibitor during the expo is available only for those with food outlets. It shall be the responsibility of the Exhibitor to arrange his/her own light and 12m power leads from the outlets. All power leads must be tagged.
  15. Exhibitors and their employees shall transact all business and sales of goods on the floor of their stands and must keep within the space allocated, and such space and every stand or stall erected thereon shall be open to the public for the carrying on of the business of the Exhibitor during all such times as the marquees and/or grounds are open to the public.
  16. The site area is to be used solely for the purpose specified herein. The SBE Committee reserves the right to refuse or stop any Exhibitor displaying, selling or promoting or otherwise dealing with any goods or services which do not, in the sole opinion of the SBE Committee, comply with the description of displays or goods referred to in this contract.
  17. New machinery, tractors or motor vehicles can be displayed for sale only by an Exhibitor who is an Australian authorized dealer or dealer’s agent for that machinery, tractor or motor vehicle.
  18. The SBE Committee shall not be held liable for any loss or damage to the Exhibitor’s property while on the Small Breeds Expo site for any reason whatsoever involving the negligence of the SBE Committee or its employees or agents.
  19. Should the SBE Committee find it necessary or expedient to cancel or postpone the Small Breeds Expo 2013 event, this contract shall cease upon notice to that effect signed by the SBE Committee being served on the Exhibitor and SBE shall not be liable to the Exhibitor for any compensation whether on the grounds of loss of profits or otherwise in respect of such cancellation or at all.
  20. SBE reserves the right to cancel this contract and to retain all monies paid in relation thereto if there is in the opinion of the SBE Committee any infringement of any of the foregoing conditions and/or if the Exhibitor does not occupy the said space at the commencement of and during the full period of the Small Breeds Expo 2013.
  21. SBE shall not be liable to the Exhibitor for any expenditure, liability or loss including consequential loss, nor be in default for any delay, failure or interruption resulting directly or indirectly from any cause beyond the reasonable control of SBE including complete or partial failure in or suspension of the supply of gas, water, electric current, storm water or sewerage/septic services to the Small Breeds Expo site, war, accidents, fires, explosions, earthquakes, floods, the elements, labour disputes, shortages, the non-attendance by a sufficient number of Exhibitors or visitors to the event or the Exhibitor being prevented or impeded in using the space to be occupied as originally contemplated.
    1. The Exhibitor hereby indemnifies the Small Breeds Expo and agrees to hold it harmless against all actions, suits, costs, claims and demands bought against SBE by any person and against all damage done either directly or indirectly to or sustained by any of the Small Breeds Expo property or the property of any person or any person then on any part of the said Small Breeds Expo site, arising out of any act, omission or default of the Exhibitor. All repairs to any such property as aforesaid may be carried out by SBE and the Exhibitor shall pay to SBE on demand the cost of such repairs upon being notified of the amount thereof.
    2. The Exhibitor must take out and keep current a Public Liability Insurance Policy extended to include the Exhibitor’s liability with an insurance provider approved by the FF Committee. The minimum coverage approved for the Small Breeds Expo is $10,000,000. Exhibitors with a current Public Liability Policy must ensure that this policy be extended by their insurer to include their conduct of business at the Small Breeds Expo site. In addition Exhibitors must provide their own merchandise insurance.
    3. Any tax on goods and/or services or a broad-based consumption tax imposed upon this contract or any tax imposed upon the payment by the Exhibitor for the site shall be payable by the Exhibitor in addition to the rental paid under this contract. SBE shall provide to the Exhibitor such invoices or other documentation as is required under the relevant legislation.
    4. This contract is governed by the laws applicable in Queensland and both the Exhibitor and SBE submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of that State.