Exhibitor Info – Small Farming Expo Laidley

Exhibitor Info

If you would like to exhibit at the 2017 Small Farming Expo then please email us as we are looking for a large variety of small animals to be on display as well as commercial displays. 

Exhibitors can camp at the Show grounds prior or after the event. The Showgrounds charge $18 per night payable directly to them.

No extra charge for power.


1. Market Stand site $75.

(3m x 3m size only). Exhibitors must provide thier own marquee for those who do not wish to have an undercover livestock site.

2. Livestock site $95 to include panels.

There are 19 undercover stalls for cattle and other livestock. These are allocated to those who book a site for Livestock site $95 to include panels.st.  For those who have goats, sheep and pigs we have specific panels available but these are not under cover so you will need to bring a marque. There is a loading  bay and wash bay area. In 2017 Laidley showgrounds have imposed an additional $20 per undercover stall with a $10 fee refunded if all manure is removed.


Cattle/horse yards.

3. Commercial site $110

Commercial Exhibitors can have as much space as required as space is not an issue. You will need to bring your own marquee for shade/shelter.

4. Yard Panels

Yard Panels are available to hire from $8 per set. This is a fee imposed by the Laidley showgrounds as they own them.


Ausline Cattle Association Inc: auslinecattle.com.au

Australian Belted Galloway Association

Vitulus Stud: Ausline Cattle: vitulus.com.au

Greenhills Dexter Stud

Mourylani Dexter Stud

Benden Lodge Belted Galloway Stud

Freedom Rise Miniature Belted Galloway Stud

Australian Small Boran Cattle

Kougari Ausline Stud

Margaret Park Ausline Stud



Donkey All Breeds Society of Australia

Ottaba Llamas: www.llamawalks.com.au

Didobama Alpacas

Ponies Ponies Ponies Rides: poniesponiesponies.com.au

Animal Farm

Laidley Town and Country Produce

Lockyer Valley Regional Council

Grubsville Pty Ltd


Jumping Castle


Ausline Burger Bar: range fed beef burgers and gluten free sausages

Potato Swirls:

Hot Wheels Coffee